At Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego, we believe your hair is your most valuable accessory. Healthy, cared-for hair can make you more confident and comfortable. The steps you take when washing your hair can have a big impact on its health. Here are 10 tips for washing your hair from San Diego’s best stylists.

Brush Before You Wash Your Hair

If you’re prone to tangles, brush your hair before you wash it. This will make it easier to brush out once it’s clean. Plus, it will reduce the amount of loose strands that go down the drain and cause clogs.

Use a Pre-Shampoo Masque


Use a pre-shampoo hair masque once a week to help nourish, hydrate, soften, detangle, and protect your locks. We love Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque and Bumble and bumble’s While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque. To use a hair masque or hair serum, apply it on your dry strands and let it sit for 20 minutes, then follow with shampoo and conditioner.

Massage Your Scalp

When you wash your hair, gently massage your scalp. This improves blood flow and circulation to your scalp, stimulating hair growth and strengthening your roots.

Apply Conditioner Lower

Your scalp naturally produces oil every day, so if you add condition to your entire head, it can leave your hair extra oily. Instead, try only applying conditioner to the bottom ¾ of your hair and concentrate on the ends.

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

When your hair is damp, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a regular brush. A comb won’t tug and pull as hard on your hair, which means less damage and breakage.

Invest in Great Hair Products


When you invest in great hair products that have superior quality of active ingredients you don’t need to use as much and the health of your hair will improve over time. At Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego, we LOVE Bumble and bumble and offer their full line of products, from shampoos and conditioners, to styling and nourishing products.

Let Your Hair Products Absorb

If you invest in great styling products, you should reap the full benefits! When your hair is damp, apply your products of choice and let them work their magic for about 10 minutes before you bust out the hair dryer or other styling tools.

Finish Blow Drying with Cold Air

After your dry your hair with a blowdryer, switch to the “cool” setting and go over your hair. The cold air will help lock in the style and close the cuticles to prevent damage.

Wrangle Flyaways with a Toothbrush

Those tiny pieces of hair that fly around our face can be annoying and make your hairstyle look messy. Instead of spraying your entire head with hair spray, spray a clean toothbrush with hairspray and brush through your flyaways.

Skip the Daily Shampoos

Washing your hair every day can dry it out and cause your scalp to produce too much oil. Try shampooing only three times a week. If your hair feels too greasy between washes, a dry shampoo like Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-à-Powder (now available in a spray) can be a life-saver.

Consult with a Hair Stylist in San Diego

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To learn more about hair care, stop by Flirt Urban Salon in downtown San Diego for a free consultation with one of our expert stylists. We can answer any of your questions and give you tips on the best hair products for your needs. We also sell the full line of Bumble and bumble products. Contact us today at (619) 501-6890.

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