It’s summer in San Diego and things are heating up. With the sizzling weather comes pool parties, beach days, and tank tops. Many men in San Diego are discovering that male waxing can help them feel more confident. Below are 5 reasons why waxing and laser hair removal for men is becoming more popular in San Diego.

Back Hair, Do Care

For many men, back hair can be a major confidence-killer. It can also make you sweaty and itchy. Basically, it’s no fun. At Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego, we offer back waxing with our in-house waxing technician, Victoria Tran of Flutter & Honey. Victoria specializes in both female and male waxing and will make sure you feel comfortable and cared for during your back waxing. Schedule your appointment to say “adios” to back hair and “hola” to that upcoming pool party.

Managing Chest Hair

There are many reasons why men decide to have their chest waxed. Maybe their partner likes it smooth, maybe they want to swim like Michael Phelps, or maybe it’s just more comfortable without the scraggly, itchy hair. Whatever the reason, more and more men in San Diego are getting their chest waxed.

Unwanted Nose & Ear Hair

Remember how you used to notice your grandpa’s unruly nose and ear hair growing like wild dandelions? Many men with unwanted nose hair and ear hair are giving waxing a try. Nose waxing removes hair inside of the nostrils. It’s almost entirely painless and can be much easier than trimming or tweezing.

Unibrow Removal

When two brows become one, it may be time to try waxing. Many men come into our San Diego salon for a quick unibrow wax. It’s super fast and can last for several weeks.

Male Brazilian Wax

Also known as a “manzilian”, a male Brazilian wax is hair removal “down there”. One benefit is less upkeep and “manscaping” (so many quotations). Many men are afraid of cutting themselves when using hair clippers and razors on their private area. Waxing is safer than shaving and lasts longer. The amount of hair removed depends on your own personal preferences. At Flirt Urban Salon, our experienced waxing tech can do anything from a simple bikini wax in which only the hair that would be visible when wearing a bikini-style bottom is removed, to removing all of the hair entirely.

Schedule Your Male Waxing at Flirt Urban Salon

Whether you’re a seasoned waxer or are interested in trying male waxing for the first time, please contact Victoria at or (619) 929-0389. Flirt Urban Salon is centrally located in Downtown San Diego’s East Village.

You can learn more about our other waxing services here.

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