Hair coloring can be an exciting and transformative experience. However, we’ve had countless women come into Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego to ask us for hair color correction after they experienced a hair coloring disaster at home or at a new salon. A question we often get in this situation is one that requires attention: Does color correction ruin your hair?

Damage Control


When coloring your hair, quicker is not necessarily the better solution. Some inexperienced stylists rush the process of hair coloring by trying to do the whole treatment in one sitting, which often results in damaged hair and the need for a lengthy chop.

It is important to understand that your dream hair goal can’t be achieved overnight, especially when transitioning from a darker to a lighter color. The proper hair coloring process can often take more than one visit to the salon. Luckily, when you come to Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego, you will leave the salon with beautiful hair color during each phase of hair color correction (as seen in this image).

Leave It to the Experts

Hair coloring is a complex chemical process. While it’s tempting to run to the at-home coloring kit for a color change, saturating your hair with a DIY kit is a fast track to dry brittle hair. When considering color correction, it is best to seek a salon professional who understands how coloring chemicals respond to different types of hair. (For example, many clients don’t know lightening hair is a process of taking color out, not putting it in). When done right, the colorist will recommend that your treatment be spread out over a couple of weeks to protect your hair from damage. Listen to them! Booking a half or even a full day is not unusual for a drastic color change, so be patient in the process. Your transformation should be an exciting one, not one that strips your whole experience.

Pro tip: Want to make your healthy hair color last longer? Sulfates found in many commercial shampoos are notorious for stripping hair color. Opt for sulfate-free products and avoid excess heat that can damage the hair. Swapping the curling iron for a braided style is a great way to keep your locks healthy, colorful, and damage free! At Flirt Urban Salon, we offer the full line of Bumble and bumble hair products, so ask us for a recommendation.

Book Your Color Correction in San Diego

Looking for a hair specialist in San Diego? Transform your hair with Flirt Urban Salon coloring services, offering everything from Highlights and Balayage to full hair color correction. Our experts know how to keep your hair free from drama and full of color. For more information and bookings, contact us at (619) 501- 6890 or stop by our Downtown salon.

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